How To Exercise With a Rowing Machine

At first, exercising with a rowing machine might be intimidating, hard and tiring. But once you get the hang of it, it will become the most effective way to spice up your workout routine, plus it makes you lose and burn those calories way faster that any workout out there. A 30 minute rower workout could burn 280 calories or more.

This machine is also a good arm, leg and core workout. Improper usage of this machine could also lead to injuries though this machine is a less hassle and injury free workout. Just be cautioned to be careful at all times. Please do read to know more on How to Exercise with a Rowing Machine.

Before you start, there are just a few things that you need to take note of. Make sure that you are wearing form fitting clothes. Or else you are risking yourself of getting fabric caught in the machine while working out.

Also make sure that you don’t set the resistance too high. Except for the experienced rowers, their workouts are usually set on a very high resistance. Take note that setting the machine at 2 or 3 is the perfect resistance for a beginner. Make sure to keep your strokes per minute somewhat low between 5-20.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to measure your workout, so you must learn to use the change display button on your machine to track your strokes per minute, calories burned, meters that you have travelled, or your split.

There are many different positions that you need to do when you start this workout. The first position is the starting position. The first thing you have to do is to get on the rower, of course. Make sure that you are seated comfortably before you strap your feet on the footpads that are provided on the machine.

Now grab the handles with an overhand grip. Then extend your arms straight towards the machine’s flywheel, make sure that your wrists are flat as possible. After that, slide forward the seat until your knees and shins are vertical. Then carefully lean slightly forward parallel to your hips. Now that sounds like a lot of work, right? Remember, we are just getting started.

The second step on How to Exercise with a Rowing Machine is that we put ourselves in the “drive” position. You begin this position by driving your legs by slowing extending them, like pushing off the footpads.

Also make sure that you are keeping your core tight, your arms should be straight and your back should be firm as you continue to transfer your power to the handles. Then your knees should be straightened, after that, slowly bend your arms and lean your upper body back. Finish this move by slightly leaning backward.

Now we have the third position which is called the “finish” position. What you do is that you must bend your elbows and pull the handle slowly up to your abdomen. Your legs must be extended way back then lean slightly way the hips.

Then after this, you will find yourself in the “recovery” position. You must extend your arms while straightening your elbows and return the handle towards the flywheel. Then lean your upper body forward and let your hips follow to the arms. After this, bend your knees and slide forward the seat. Now you will find yourself in the first position again. Repeat this until such time you are satisfied with your workout.


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